Book problem Quiz & GIVEAWAY!

Over the weekend I built my annual Mt. TBR (to be read) and I have some exciting news! For the first time since I started documenting this in 2008the number of books actually decreased!! I did some culling in January so that helped.  Here’s my new Mt. TBRIMG_7100

This was a major undertaking and I did it all, construction and deconstruction, in about 9 hours time. It was quite a workout.  Because of that I decided to do another major weeding and that took another day, but well worth it since I pulled another 94 books to donate.  I’ll do more by the numbers stuff next week after the quiz.

Part One – Guess how many books are in Mt. TBR.  I’ll base points on how close you come on relation to others guessing.  If you come within 20 I’ll give you a 50 point bonus!

Part Two – These are books I pulled from the pile to give away and  they are all brand new.  Nothing wrong with them just trying to be realistic about my reading.

Tell me what the titles are and tell me if you’d like any of them to added to YOUR Mt. TBR. I love to share books so I hope you’ll find at least one you’d like to read.  10 points for every title and I don’t even really care if you want to do some googling to figure out what they are. I do want them in your hands after all!


Good luck!