Sundays with Gage – Happy and a great time for a Mom ‘vacation’

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Autism can be a series of highs and lows.  When I last talked about it in March we were coming out of some hard months and justlikethat we got this cutie who has been happy ever since.  He’s pictured here with his favorite tutor/babysitter Meagan who has been with us for almost two years.  (Prepare yourself for a tearful post when I talk about us losing 3 of his ABA tutors within a week, but not yet)  I met and now am Facebook friends with a very gifted autistic young man and at least once a week one his posts includes, “I feel gleeful!”  And that pretty much sums up where we are right now.  Gage is back to his loveable, stubborn self and I feel gleeful.

Two months ago when things were rougher around here I decided to take the plunge and sign up for the Autism One Conference in Chicago.  The conference is this week and I’m excited.  I plan on lots of sessions on diet and toxicity and many more on cutting edge treatments.  This conference treats autism as a medical condition and I’m ready to learn.  My cousin from Kentucky will be joining me and I look forward to some quality girl time.  I leave early Tuesday and won’t return until Saturday after Gage is in bed.  That’ll be the longest I’ve been away from both of my guys ever.

I couldn’t do this without my extraordinary parents who are taking over Gage duty this week.  I am always grateful for all the love and support they give me and Gage and Jason.  It’s been over a year since they moved to be closer to us and we couldn’t be happier.  I am sounding awesomely gleeful aren’t I?

So, tell me, what is making you gleeful today?

27 thoughts on “Sundays with Gage – Happy and a great time for a Mom ‘vacation’

  1. Mary says:

    Wonderful pics of Gage and Meagan! I hope the conference is a great experience, Stacy. Enjoy the girl time too 🙂
    I’m gleeful because I finished knitting my first sweater today!

  2. beth hoffman says:

    The pics are so cute. You are a good mom, Stacy. I admire you. What’s making me gleeful today? Gardening (lots of peonies) and working on my new novel.

  3. Kay says:

    So happy to hear about your trip. And the pictures of Gage and Meagan are precious. Enjoy your girl time! And me, I’m gleeful because all of you are gleeful!! Hope everyone has a good week!

    • stacybuckeye says:

      Thanks Kay! I feel like I jinxed Gage because he’s been off the wall hyper for the past hour and had to endure a timeout. Feels mostly like 4 year old boy hijinks though 🙂

  4. Nise' (Under the Boardwalk) says:

    I am so glad that you have such great support! Love the pic of Gage and am glad he is back to himself. Have a great time at the conference and I am sure you will learn from the cutting edge information! Cole makes me gleeful.

  5. Vicki says:

    Love the photos. I’m glad you’re in a gleeful place! I’m gleeful because my daughter and her family, my youngest son, and I are going to St. Augustine, Florida for a week the beginning of June.

  6. clicksclan says:

    Those are some lovely photos, he looks very gleeful. 😉

    Today I’m feeling because I have a day off tomorrow (albeit for a hospital appointment) but I’m getting to go shopping as well. Plus I just bought a new book for my Kindle, and books make everything good. 🙂

    Cait @ Click’s Clan

  7. Literary Feline says:

    Your post made me smile. 🙂 I hope you enjoy the conference!

    Today is not a gleeful day for me, I am afraid. I did get all of my coworkers to whistle for a little while today–kind of a whistle while you work type thing to try to lighten things up. That and this post were my gleeful moment. 🙂

  8. kelley says:

    this post made me feel gleeful. I hope you learn lots of things to help you help Gage. He is a wonderful little boy and you are a wonderful mother.

    • stacybuckeye says:

      Thanks Kelley! I learned so much that my head is still spinning. I’ll have a few posts about it for sure since I think there are important things that everyone should know.

  9. Rita @ View From My Home says:

    Your post makes me gleeful because I see Gage smiling and happy in all those photos. He obviously is attached and relaxed with Meagan! Sorry about the loss of your other tutors 😦 I know kids like ours don’t appreciate change and are slow to adjust. Hope the conference works out well for you, and at least you have your cousin with you for support also. Please share your thoughts when you return. I’m all ears 🙂

    • stacybuckeye says:

      Gage loves his tutors, who am I kidding he loves everyone 🙂 Learned lots of stuff at the conference and plan a few info posts. Interesting approaches to heal our kids and they all start with fixing their gut.

  10. Lloyd Russell says:

    My father-in-law always said that if everybody put their troubles in the center of a table, everybody would take their own back. I don’t know if that’s true, but you’ve been through a lot. It’s nice that occasionally can be gleeful. We all need to work on that more.

    • stacybuckeye says:

      I’ll take my gleeful moments when I can. If I appreciate them enough then I’ll attract more, right? They had someone speaking about reiki at the conference and I thought of Joni 🙂

  11. Teddyree says:

    Lovely photos. Hope the conference was helpful and the girl time was a blast. Funny you should mention about fixing gut … I’ve just started making Kefir milk (probiotic culture) for gut health and Mia and Christine are going to start since I’ve had such positive results with it.
    I’m gleeful today because I’m in the kitchen cooking healthy treats and making kefir yoghurt 🙂 I’ll be gleeful tomorrow too because Mia is coming for a sleepover lol

  12. Diane says:

    Gage looks so so happy in those pics Stacy.

    BTW – you were one of my commentors whosw comments via email ended upp in spam. I have no clue why?

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