Think Fast Quiz! – guessing closed

Guess as many as you can, one or ten. Okay, this week I will give you a word and you tell me the FIRST book title you think of that contains that word.  (or you can take your time and think about what other quiz takers might say)  I will award points based on how many people guess the same title as you – the more people who guess a specific title the more points each person will get.  I get to play this week, yay!

No googling or looking at other commenter answers.  Yes, we’re going by the honor system 🙂  Play every week or just one time, you are always welcome 🙂  It only takes once to be eligible for a prize.

I’ve listed the top vote getters for each word. My favorite was BLUE, only 2 people guessed the same title!

1. RED – The Red Tent (4)

2. ONE – One For the Money (4)

3. TIME – The Time Traveler’s Wife (5)

4. WINTER – Winter’s Garden (4)

5. BLUE – Blue Monday (2)

6. TWO – A Tale of Two Cities (5) & Two for the Dough (5)

7. GIRL – The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (7)

8. WHITE – The Woman in White (3)

9. HOUSE – Little House on the Prairie (3)

10. SONG – The Executioner’s Song (3) & Song of Solomon (3)

Answers to last week Snowy quiz here.  Leaderboard and extra stuff here.