Late Bloomers Quiz

Answers to last week’s Common Thread Quiz here.

Someday I hope to publish  a book.  As I see 40 on the horizon I hope to take heart in those authors who published their first novel when they were 40 or older.  If you know the late bloomer leave the number and name.  No googling – that’s cheating and no fun!  Good luck!

1. He retired from the Coast guard before he wrote his first novel, loosely based on his family history, but was dogged by claims of plagiarism.  The millions who watched the mini series on tv didn’t care.  He was in his 50’s when this first novel was publishedAlex Haley (Wrighty)

2. This Chile born novelist penned one of my favorite books, magical realism at its best, in 1982.  She was 40. Isabel Allende (Margie)

3. This author was 52 when he penned one of my favorites.  The life of rabbits in the warren are forever of interest to me. Richard Adams (Susan)

4. This classic about a man shipwrecked on an island was written when the author was 59. Daniel Defoe (Susan)

5. This author wrote a series of books about her life with her pioneer family when she was in her 60’s, as her family was facing financial difficulty due to the Great Depression.  I remember watching Pa and Ma every week when I was growing up Laura Ingalls Wilder (Wrighty)

6. This author was 42 when his story about Dolores was published.  Oprah chose it for her book club five years later. Wally Lamb (Bermudaonion)

7. This author was 51 when he turned to writing after being fired as a vice-president of an oil syndicate.  His first private detective mystery was immortalized by Humphrey Bogart on the big screenRaymond Chandler (Nise)

8. This author was 47 when she wrote this coming of age story about Francie and her family struggling against poverty in New York. Betty Smith (Susan)

9. This author was 74 when she published the National Book Award winner that year for first work of fiction. Harriet Doerr (Margie)

10. This English novelist first published children’s books in her 50’s and her first adult book when she was 71.  She went on to write nine more novels. Mary Wesley (Margie)

Is there a late bloomer I’m missing?  Leave a comment and further inspire us 🙂

15 thoughts on “Late Bloomers Quiz

  1. Wrighty says:

    You’re never too old Stacy! You will be a terrific author and the older you are the more you will have to write about. I can’t wait to read your first book!

    I know that I know more of these but it’s late and my brain isn’t working. I’m taking some guesses…

    1) Alex Hailey
    5) Laura Ingalls Wilder – love her books and the show!
    10) Beatrix Potter

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