Time Traveling

Since we jumped ahead in time this morning I thought I’d talk about some of my favorite time travel novels. 

Cover ImageMy favorite time travel series is by far the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.  A WWII nurse walks through magical stones and finds herself in Scotland 200 years earlier.  This book has it all – love, war, death, hatred, jelousy, political intrigue…and yes, time travel.

Cover ImageI just read this book in January and loved it.  The narrator jumped ahead and saw what the world would become.  My review is here.

Cover ImageThis book, and series, is a childhood favorite.  The world of Meg, Charles, Calvin, and Mrs. Whatsit had me reading this book more than once as a kid.

Cover ImageI loved this outrageous book.  Arthur  and Ford’s galaxy tour was a laugh out loud riot.  I read the first few books of the series, but never finished it.  Maybe I should.

What are your favorite time travel novels?