Dark Of The Moon, by John Sandford

Cover ImageFinished audio on 6-4-08, rating 3/5, fiction, pub. 2007

This is a fast paced mystery featuring BCA officer Virgil Flowers from Sandford’s popular Prey series.  Virgil is sent to investigate a murder in the small town of Bluestem, Minnesota and while there more dead bodies pile up.  Virgil is old friends with the sheriff, Stryker, and in bed with Stryker’s sister, Joan, within a few days.  Virgil doesn’t know who to trust or who to believe and he must wade through a whole town of suspects.

Virgil had occasional check-ins with Lucas Davenport from the Prey novels, but I much prefer Virgil as a secondary character in those novels.  Jason and I listened to this on our way to and from Atlantic City and we were both laughing by the last cd because Virgil had not eliminated a single suspect in the the first 8 cds!  The story kept moving and I enjoyed the reader a lot, but this is only an average thriller.  Read the Prey series for great reading.