An Angel For Emily, by Jude Deveraux

An Angel for EmilyFinished 5-17-08, rating 3/5, romance, pub.1998

“I’m your guardian angel and we have been together for a thousand years.”            Chapter 1

Emily is engaged to a popular newscaster in the city and she runs the local library in the small town of Greenbriar.  On a night when Emily was the center of attention and being awarded Librarian of the Year, her fiance, Donald, stands her up.  Upset, Emily hits a man with her car on a dark road and is faced with a man who called himself her guardian angel.

Michael, her personal angel, has been sent down to earth to help Emily, but he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do.  Emily can’t believe he’s an angel, especially considering that he’s on the FBI Most Wanted list.  The two reach an understanding and some very unangelic feelings arise.

To enjoy this fun romp you must be totally willing to suspend disbelief and common sense beginning on page one.  With that said, it was fun.  The way of this spiritual world has its heart in the Hindu tradition of reincarnation, although I’m pretty sure Hinduism doesn’t believe in ‘relations’ between angels and humans.

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