My Favorite Books

I decided to compile  a list of favorite 100 books.  I knew it would be challenging, but I didn’t realize how difficult it would be.  It took me a week and I saw early on that I need to read more good books!  I read for entertainment, not always to broaden my knowledge or experience.  So, with that being said it is a work in progress.  I expect it will change regularly as I suddenly remember an old favorite or as I read better books.

The books on the list are not all classics.  Sometimes the book touched me because of what was going on in my life and sometimes it took me into someone else’s life so completely that I was hooked.   The books are in some semblance of order.  My favorites are in the top third while the bottom 20 are iffy. 

Challenge yourself to make your own list.  It may help you decide to change you reading habits.  Or take a look at mine in my Pages and tell me what I’ve missed!