Paris in July 2022

It’s Paris in July 2022, hosted by Thyme for Tea and Readerbuzz. Last year I shared photos and stories of our trip there in 2010, but this time around I’ll be doing some of the usual things, books, movies, puzzles, postcards, food, wine..

Here are some of the books I’ve set aside for the month and it was the extent of my pre-planning, lol, BUT this week I watched James Corden’s Crosswalk the Musical in Paris -Les Miserables again and laughed out loud just like the first time I saw it. Enjoy.

7 thoughts on “Paris in July 2022

  1. Mae Sander says:

    On the wall of your stairway, that’s a nice poster of a formal garden — looks quite French!

    best… mae at

  2. Karen K. says:

    Great stack! I don’t know Neil Goddin but now I’m intrigued, love a good mystery. And I’ve mostly loved Irene Nemirovsky, that’s a good one!

  3. Lesley says:

    You have some wonderful choices for the month! I read (and loved) That Part Was True and just re-read my blog post, which makes me want to read the book a second time.

    Love James Corden! Thanks for sharing the video clip.

  4. jeanie says:

    Oh my! I remember when I first saw this. And I laughed just as much this time. I do adore James Corden’s sidewalk musicals. “Little Paris Bookshop.” Le sigh.

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