Since Nobody’s Perfect…How Good is Good Enough? by Andy Stanley

Since Nobody's Perfect, How Good is Good Enough?  Since Nobody’s Perfect…How Good is Good Enough?  Finished 11-8-19, Christianity, 94 pages, pub. 2003

Surely there’s more than one way to get to heaven? Bestselling author Andy Stanley addresses this popular belief held even among Christians. But believing that all good people go to heaven raises major problems, Stanley reveals. Is goodness not rewarded, then? Is Christianity not fair? Maybe not, he says. Readers will find out why Jesus taught that goodness is not even a requirement to enter heaven – and why Christianity is beyond fair. Andy Stanley leads believers and skeptics alike to a grateful awareness of God’s enormous grace and mercy.  from Amazon

Since I’ve added morning devotional reading this year I have been able to read a variety of books, spanning different religions and beliefs.  This one felt the closest to the church I grew up in.  I’ve seen Andy on tv late at night after talk shows go dark and I always find him  engaging, much like I felt for most of this small book (it’s one of six but I only read the one).  I liked the way he talked so politely of people who believe differently.  Yes, by the end he took a more dramatic tone, but I never felt disrespect.  He believes he is right about the way he sees Christianity and that’s fine by me.  He made some great points and made me think.  Good things for a morning devotional.

If you like him on tv, you’ll like this and probably his other books of this set.

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