Illustrating the Gender Gap – Loganberry Books

I love Loganberry Books in Cleveland Heights. They are eclectic, cozy, huge and they have a cat!  For Women’s History Month they created a unique display that showed the disparity between the number of women and men authors in fiction.


On their fiction walls they turned the books written by men backwards so that only those written by women are showing.  As a former bookseller and librarian I appreciate all the work that went into this.  Check out the  2 minute video of the walkthrough.  So cool. Here are a few of my pics.

I was excited to see the bookstore tackle something like this.  This was only the two long fiction walls and the poetry section (didn’t get a picture) and didn’t include genres or any of the rest of the store. I loved it.  The story got picked up by a few online sites and I was so disappointed by the comment sections. We have so much more to accomplish as women, not the least of which is respect.  I was surprised by the number of women bashing the women who came up with this idea.  We should be supporting each other.  I honestly get so discouraged by reading almost all online comment sections.

I also loved this idea that you could contribute to local charities and a few national ones that are fighting hard battles right now.


I went yesterday and spread my $5 worth around 🙂  They also had  this display in the middle of the store.


This store is a local treasure and the haters only made me spend more money when I stopped by yesterday 🙂

This display is up through today.

10 thoughts on “Illustrating the Gender Gap – Loganberry Books

    • stacybuckeye says:

      Probably, but not as much as we might think since it doesn’t include genres 🙂 Before I started blogging I read way more men than women and since book blogging is mostly women I’ve turned around in the last 8 years. In the video that didn’t get included the owner called it a piece of performance art and that’s how I look at it. It’s supposed to make you think. When I was there a man asked for a book and a bookseller went to the exact shelf and got it for him. No male authors were harmed in the performance of this piece 🙂

  1. Kay says:

    Oh, my! I can well imagine how many hours that took. Quite the visual aid, wasn’t it? You know, it’s a funny thing. I don’t set out to do it, but I read many, many more women authors than men – and you know I read crime novels mostly. The last couple of years, my female to male ratio is something like 80% to 20%. Not sure what that says about me, but there it is. LOL

    • stacybuckeye says:

      That is awesome Kay! As I mentioned to Scott, I read a majority of men before I started blogging and slowly that’s turned around. I don’t go out of my way but with so many book bloggers being women, more books written by women end up on my reading lists.

    • stacybuckeye says:

      Exactly. I honestly thought that this was such a cool, short term thing that it would be applauded by all women so I was doubly disappointed that it didn’t happen. On the plus side there were some college girls there for the first time because they wanted to see it, so at least she’s also getting positive support.

  2. Nise' (Under the Boardwalk) says:

    This is really a cool visual. Why are women their own worst enemies? If we don’t stick up for each other, who will? The last couple of years, I’ve read more women than men authors, and have been trying to even out the ratio.

    • stacybuckeye says:

      We really are our own worst enemies. I think I expected better from the book community. When I started blogging 9 years ago I read way more men, but over the book blogging years it’s gone the other way. I’d like to get it more even too!

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