Postcrossing Train

IMG_4294At the beginning of the year I started requesting train postcards and people I’ve never met from around the world came through.  I couldn’t even get all 37 of the cards in the picture!  I still get cards that I like (trees and someone sent me a beautiful one of wine glasses yesterday) but Gage LOVES to check the mailbox everyday for train cards. That Thomas box in the picture is here he keeps them now, but I’m looking for a way to showcase them.  It’s a great way to talk about different places and to use our globe.

I’ve received a total of 306 postcards from around the world in the 2+ years I’ve been a member of Postcrossing.  AND as you will see a few fellow book bloggers made Gage’s day too, Mouse alone has sent 4. I wish we could get those two together for a playdate 🙂  Let’s take a closer look at Gage’s train…


1-Minnesota, 2-Mouse from California, 3-Germany, 4-Finland, 5-Mouse from California, 6-Connecticut, 7-Taiwan


8-from Grandma& Grandpa, 9-Taiwan, 10-England, 11-Netherlands, 12-Germany, 13-Australia, 14-Germany, 15-Canada


16-Great Britain, 17-Russia, 18-California, 19-Germany, 20-Pennsylvania, 21-Germany, 22-Minnesota


23-Taiwan, 24-Finland, 25-Kay in Texas, 26-Pennsylvania, 27-Mouse from California, 28-Netherlands


29-Latvia, 30-Japan, 31-Mouse from California, 32-California, 33-Ohio, 34-Germany


35-Taiwan, 36-Canada, 37-Virginia

Do you have a favorite?  My two favorites are 11 & 14.  If you are out and about and see a train postcard I hope you’ll consider putting it in the mail for Gage!  Which reminds me that we need to get something in the mail for Mouse 🙂

8 thoughts on “Postcrossing Train

  1. Care says:

    Oh darn. I am sorry that I didn’t buy a few extra when I last bought one. I purchased a train card while reading Atlas Shrugged and sent it to the readalong coordinator. These are great! What a treat for Gage.

  2. Teddyree says:

    How awesome, my boys loved Thomas and I’ve kept their engine collection for the grandkids. There’s an old steam train that runs a few times a year where I used to live, west of Brisbane, will see if I can find a postcard for Gage!

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