June’s 5 word movie reviews

A good movie watching month.  When I look at these movies posters I realize that I need to watch more movies starring women!

You know the drill, add your 5 words to mine and earn $1 for charity.  Once we get to $100 the person with the most reviews will choose the charity.  Click here to see the past winners, the charities they chose and to see the other reviews you can add to.  We are over halfway there with $62 so far.  Anyone is welcome to join in at any time.

Woman in black ver4.jpgThe Woman in Black, 2012 (Cast-Daniel Radcliffe, Ciaran Hinds)     Grade B+

Gothic. Spooky. Quiet. Poor children. 

Creepy good, but ending…meh.  (Michelle)

So-so story, spooky, unforgiving ghost.  (Heather)

Searching for bobby fischer.jpgSearching for Bobby Fischer, 1993 (Cast-Max Pemeranc, Joe Mantegna, Joan Allen, Ben Kingsley, Laurence Fishburne)       Grade B+

Chess ability shapes a life.

Fascinating biography of young chess-player.  (Heather)

Now You See Me Poster.jpgNow You See Me, 2013 (Cast-Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Morgan Freeman, Isla Fisher)   Grade B

Magically entertaining. Kept me guessing.

Interesting story, not great ending.  (Heather)

Right stuff ver1.jpgThe Right Stuff, 1983 (cast-Sam Shepard, Ed Harris, Dennis Quaid, Scott Glen)    Grade B

Seven astronauts conquer outer space.

Best of Best conquer space.  (Sheree)

One word – Chuck – and others. (Kay)

You’ll believe astronauts can fly.  (Tony)

TheIceman2011Poster.jpgThe Iceman, 2013 (Michael Shannon, Winona Ryder, Ray Liotta, Chris Evans)    Grade B-

Killer loves family. Predictable, good.

11 thoughts on “June’s 5 word movie reviews

  1. Literary Feline says:

    Now You See Me is the only one you mention I’ve seen. I would agree with your assessment. 🙂

    Oh wait! I have seen Searching For Bobby Fischer too. I remember liking it quite a bit, but that was so long ago.

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