Mary Doria Russell book signing

Last night Jason & I went to a book signing at Joseph Beth Bookstore at Legacy Village.  If you are in the Cleveland area and ever get a chance to go you should try their cafe which has great food (although not always the best service).  If you want to keep track of their events visit the website and sign up for their monthly email.

Okay, so we went last night to hear Mary Doria Russell speak on her fourth book, Dreamers of the Day.  I have been a fan of Russell’s since The Sparrow (on my top 100 list) and was excited to hear her speak.  She came dressed casually in jeans, a gray shirt, and dog tags around her neck.  Her nephew is currently serving in Iraq and the parallels between the 1921 Cairo Peace Conference and the modern day Middle East was a connection she talked about at length.  The Peace Conference is the basis of this book and I will write more on the novel after I’ve read it.

A few interesting tidbits…Mary is funny.  She was a very entertaining speaker.  The Sparrow has been optioned by Brad Pitt’s film company 🙂  She does not write about what she knows, her curiosity drives her to research.  Her third book, A Thread of Grace took her seven years to write and was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in 2005.  She has a PhD in Anthropology.  She lives in Cleveland.  If you are interested in learning more you can visit her website.

If you get a chance I recommend you check out The Sparrow, her first novel.  It is science fiction, but if you keep an open mind I think you’ll like it.

3 thoughts on “Mary Doria Russell book signing

  1. jlanders says:

    If you like reading, I’ve just posted the first two chapters of the novel I’m working on. It’s borderline genre (western), and right now I’m just looking for interested readers.

    Check out

    If you have the chance, of course.



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