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Free books if you vote

Every month I pass on books I’ve read and you help me clear off my bookshelves.  For November I’m offering free books, but only if you vote in the Presidential election on Tuesday.  Since some states have early voting and some have voted absentee (like me) so I will start offering the free books today. 

To get your free book  1. VOTE  2. Leave a comment telling me what state you voted in and which book you want  3. I’ll email you and get your address and send the book free of charge. 

You do not have to say who you voted for, but you can if you want.  I will delete anything negative said about either candidate. 

I have plenty of books and can add more later if needed.  I’ll leave this open until the day after the election.

I mailed my absentee ballot from the Buckeye state this week since I will be working at the polls on Tuesday.

These books have all been read once or twice. 


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Harlan Coben News

Harlan’s new book will be available on April 15th.

Visit his website ( to find out about his appearances for his new book.  Jason & I went to one of his book signings a few years ago in Houston and really enjoyed it.  I think you will too.

The following is directly from his mailing list. 

MYRON TV SERIES? Help do the casting.
Hart Hanson, the creator and executive producer of the TV series BONES, is writing a pilot for Twentieth Century Fox studios and Fox network to bring Myron and the gang to a TV near you. The working title — and this could very easily change — is PROMISES AND LIES. Okay so let’s hear your casting suggestions for Myron, Win and Esperanza. Keep in mind that this is a TV series, not a movie, so if you’re thinking, say, George Clooney or Vince Vaughn, you’re probably wasting your time. That’s all the details I know now. As I know more, you’ll know more. You can email your suggestions to Yes, I will try to read them all, though please don’t expect replies. Thanks!

Lastly, the French movie TELL NO ONE, which was a huge box office hit and was nominated for nine Cesar (French Oscar) winning four of them, will be released in theaters in the USA in June (it was already released in the UK and Australia and is now out on DVD) with English subtitles. I don’t have details yet or know when it will be on DVD, so keep checking the website. In the meantime, you can see the trailer here:

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