Who Am I?

Lots of authors use a pen name or pseudonym.  Do you think you would recognize famous authors by their real names?

Here’s how to play…Identify the famous authors by their real names.  Leave a comment with the # and the pen name for the author and I’ll cross it off the list. No Googling, that’s cheating and no fun! If you know them all, please don’t guess every one, maybe five max?

Example- A. Samuel Clemens           Answer-His pen name was Mark Twain

1. Charles Lutwig Dodgson  Lewis Carroll, thanks to the adventurous Jason

2. William Sidney Porter (Gifts are sometimes hard to choose) O. Henry

3. Evan Hunter (The 87th Precinct is the place to be) Ed McBain, no mystery to donstuff

4. Eric Arthur Blair  George Orwell, big brother would be proud of Donstuff

5. Mary Westmacott (I goofed up on this one.  This is actually her pen name when this best selling mystery writer wrote romances.)  Agatha Christie, no mystery to Elena Margo

6. Howard Allen O’Brien (My name seems masculine, but by vampires seem feminine)  Anne Ricethanks to Jason for not leaving bite marks

7. Alisa Rosenbaum (She shrugged her way into a movement)  Ayn Rand, Roarke sends his congrats to bermudaonion

8. Mary Anne Evans  George Eliot, hats off to bermudaonion

9. James Oliver Rigney Jr. (The wheels continue after all this time) Robert Jordan

8 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. I’m sad to say the only one I know is #8 – George Eliot.

    Yea! I actually put this together a month ago and hadn’t posted it because I thought it was too hard. I’m happy you got one :)

  2. Is #6 Anne Rice? How many feminine vampire books can there be. If you were a girl named Howard, I guess you would change your name as well. That had to be a tough childhood. No wonder she writes such crazy books.

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