The Hoax, 2006

DVD CoverRichard Gere stars as Clifford Irving, a failed writer, who writes a fake biography of the mysterious and crazy Howard Hughes.  Alfred Molina is his friend and research partner and they sell this ‘book’ to McGraw Hill using forged documents for a six figure deal.  Marcia Gay Harden is his long suffering wife who will do what she can to help, even if it is dangerous and illegal.

This is based on a true story, although as Jason and I watched it we often asked ‘how true is it?’.  The connection between Hughes and President Nixon was an interesting one that I hadn’t heard before.  Clifford Irving was bold, reckless, delusional and also a world class liar.  I find it hard to root for liars and this was no exception.  I like Richard Gere and I hated hoping for his demise.

I thought the acting was good and the story was interesting.  I won’t give away what happens at the end, but there is a nice wrap-up to satisfy your curiousity.

One thought on “The Hoax, 2006

  1. I’ve never heard of that movie before, but it sounds like it’s worth checking out. Thanks for the tip!

    My husband and I both thought it was a good movie. As with all movies based on true events, I always end up wondering what was changed to make the movie more interesting. It was thought provoking and made me a little curious about some of its insinuations.

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